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3 Reasons to Install an ATM at your Business


The holidays are an extremely busy and stressful time of year for many Americans. Finding gifts and planning holiday events on top of regular errands and responsibilities leave people short on time. Business can make the most of the holiday season by installing an ATM at their business—busy holiday shoppers will turn to time-saving solutions like ATMs. Here are three good reasons why your business should install an ATM.


Convenience: An easy-access ATM will keep customers from leaving your business to search for other ATMs to withdraw money. Most customers who leave to find ATMs are less likely to return and make their purchase, installing an ATM for your customers makes it convenient for them to withdraw cash and your business doesn’t lose out on a sale. Besides being convenient for customers, an ATM reduces the need for your business to accept checks and credit cards.

Customer Satisfaction: This additional service can enhance customers’ experience at your business, particularly during the holidays when people are busier. ATM users will appreciate the convenience of an ATM and be more apt to become a repeat customer at your establishment.

Increased Sales and Revenue: Individuals with access to an ATM spend up to 25% more than those without access to an ATM; thereby increasing your business’s sales. In addition, money withdrawn from an ATM will likely be spent at your business. An ATM can also attract new potential customers; individuals using your ATM are more prone to spending money at your business or return in the future to use the ATM. Furthermore, fees generated from every ATM transaction become an additional source of revenue for your business.

America’s ATM can help your business decide on an ATM program that fits their needs. America’s ATM provides ATMs, financial service kiosks, and marketing products to businesses and offers several ATM programs businesses can choose from. Through the Free ATM Placement Program and the Free ATM Partner Program, businesses can receive a free ATM along with installation, programming, processing, and maintenance of the machine. Businesses can also choose the ATM Processing Program in which the business purchases their own machine while America’s ATM handles the processing. Visit the America’s ATM website, http://americanatm.com/,to learn more about our company and services we offer.

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