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3 Reasons to Install an ATM Cash Machine in Your Florida Restaurant

Although swiping a credit card is a convenient way to pay for goods and services, cash transactions are still as popular as ever. In fact, people feel safe when they have some money on hand for emergencies. Even if they do not have a specific purchase in mind, people like to be prepared for the various incidental expenses that can crop up throughout the day. No one likes to leave home without at least a few dollars in their pocket, which is why people seek cash dispensing machines.

It keeps customers happy

People in South Florida are largely moving away from lining up outside of banks to get money from ATMs. Nowadays, they prefer cash dispensers in quiet and secure location. Restaurant owners are in a unique position to tend to this customer preference in their establishments. In addition to making it convenient for your clients to access cash, installing ATM cash machine creates an additional stream of revenue for your business.

Grow your clientele

Installing American cash machine is a good way of drawing a crowd into your restaurant in South Florida. The ability to eat a meal and withdraw some money all in one stop appeals to a lot of people. Individuals with tight schedules appreciate the convenience and are more likely to visit again, especially when they are low on cash. Research shows that on average, people spend about 15 percent more in an establishment with a cash dispenser than they do in those without one. A phone call is all it takes to bring this new revenue stream with ATM Machines to your Florida restaurant.

Reduce credit card transactions

Installing a cash dispenser encourages people to pay their bills in cash rather than using credit cards, which can bring about a number of benefits. You get to keep 100 percent of your cash sales, as it eliminates the 1 to 3 percent processing charges that credit card companies typically impose on each transaction. In fact, you can earn a commission from every transaction customers make with your American cash machine.

If you are looking for a smart way to grow your restaurant’s bottom line without incurring additional charges, America’s ATM can customize a package that fits your particular needs. Simply choose one of the various packages that are available at https://americanatm.com/programs/ and have one installed in your eatery in less than five business days.