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3 Ways an ATM can Increase Revenue for your Business


Smart business owners always seek new ways to grow their business and increase their revenue. One great way to help your business’s profits is by installing an ATM at your business. Here are three ways an ATM can increase revenue for your business:

Additional Source of Revenue: In order to withdraw money, an ATM user must pay a transaction fee set by the owner of the machine. Business owners with a machine at their business get to set this transaction fee, which usually varies between $2.50 and $5.00. Money generated from these fees provides the business with an additional source of revenue on top of the business’s regular sales. The ATM users are also likely to spend the cash they withdraw at the business, hence, the money from the ATM will go right back into the business’s overall revenue. The money from transaction fees can quickly make up the expense of purchasing the ATM.

Attracts New Potential Customers: Besides creating another source of revenue for the business, an ATM helps attract new potential customers. An ATM can give your business an edge over other nearby locations by offering people a necessary service. Passerby needing an ATM can use your business’s ATM, contributing to overall revenue through the transaction fee. Additionally, the ATM user may become a potential customer, especially if the person returns to use the ATM.

Increased Sales: An ATM also increases your business’s overall sales. ATM users spend an estimated 20% to 25% more money than those who do not use an ATM. Retail stores with an ATM also increase the business’s sales by about 8%. Furthermore, an ATM lessens the need for your business to accept checks or credit cards, thereby reducing the money your business spends on credit card fees.

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