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3 Ways an ATM Saves your Business Money

silver_baublesDuring the holidays, extra spending on client gifts, holiday parties, or stocking up on inventory can leave your business tight on money. Although most business anticipate increased sales during the holidays, savvy business owners can save money by installing an ATM at their business. Here are three ways an ATM can help your business save money:

More Cash Transactions: With the availability of an ATM, your business can conduct more cash transactions. The ATM reduces the need to accept checks from customers, which saves your business time and money. More importantly, an ATM can reduce customers’ credit card usage. Credit card transactions can add up for businesses, especially smaller businesses that can’t afford the added expense. Fewer credit card transactions can save your business a significant amount of money, especially during the holidays.

ATM Surcharge: In addition to lowering the need to accept checks or credit cards from customers, an ATM at your business can save money by providing your business with an additional source of revenue. Businesses operating an ATM collect the usage fee ATM users pay to use the machine.

Increased Business: ATMs also help your business by creating opportunities to increase your customer base. Individuals searching for an ATM can use your business’s ATM and may become a potential customer. Even if the ATM user does not make a purchase, your business still makes money from the ATM fee. The person may also return at a later date specifically to use the ATM.

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