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A Matter of Convenience: Put ATM in your Business


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Convenience is an important part of a customer’s experience at a business; convenience reduces the effort and or time a person would spend on an activity, thus making a task that is usually tedious, unpleasant, or time-consuming, simpler and easier. At a business, convenience has a significant impact on a customer’s purchasing decisions and their perception of the business or service. In 2002, researchers Berry, Seiders, and Grewal conducted a study on service convenience to study the how consumers’ expended time and effort relate to consumer perceptions of a business. The study concluded that “consumers perceptions of service convenience directly affect their perceptions of a firm’s service quality and their satisfaction with a specific encounter or experience” (Berry, Seiders, & Grewel, 2002). For instance, customers waiting in long lines to checkout are less likely to return to the store and interpret the longer wait time as an indication of lower quality. Businesses that are able to lessen the time and effort customers spend in using a service or purchasing a product can improve customers’ overall perception of the business, making it more likely that the customer will use the business again.

How to get ATM Machine

Providing customer access to an ATM is a simple and cost-effective method to facilitate purchases and better customers’ impression of your business’s convenience. Customers who want to pay with cash can easily withdraw money without leaving your store. The ATM not only makes purchasing easier for the customer but also limits the need for customers to leave the store for another ATM. Faster access to cash and the convenience of a close ATM can leave customers with a more positive impression of your business. Customers who use an ATM also spend about 23 percent more money than non-ATM users and ATMs increase a store’s overall revenue by an average of 20 percent.

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