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How to get ATM Machine from America’s ATM and Grow Your Business

Contact Us - America's ATMInstalling an ATM at your business is a cost-effective way to support customer satisfaction, reach new customers, and increase revenue. An ATM offers customers more payment options and a convenient service. ATM users who enter your business for the purpose of using the machine can become potential customers, thereby expanding your customer base. Besides being good for your customers, an ATM provides your business with an additional stream of revenue. Machine users pay a fee that the ATM Machine Owners set (usually between $2.50 and $5.00) to use the ATM and the money generated from these fees contributes to overall revenue. The presence of an ATM can also boost your business’s sales by about 8%, and encourages customers to spend more at your establishment; ATM users tend to spend 20% to 25% more money than non-ATM users.

Although it’s easy to see how an ATM benefits your business, making informed decisions about purchasing, maintaining, and running a machine is more difficult. America’s ATM is a leading provider in ATM space with an experienced management team that can guide business owners in making sound decisions about an ATM. The team at America’s ATM has over twenty years of retail experience and is knowledgeable about financial services and small business marketing space. With connections to multiple independent ATM Partners, America’s ATM can assist business owners with their ATM-related needs. Business owners can choose from three different ATM programs listed below.

Free ATM Placement Programs

ATM Processing Program

Through this program, businesses purchase and maintain their own ATM and America’s ATM deals with the machine’s processing. Business owners have more freedom to operate their machine while benefitting from the support of experienced ATM providers.

Free ATM Partner Program

Businesses choosing this program will handle the cash loading for the machine but do not have to deal with other concerns of owning an ATM. Business owners receive a free ATM, and America’s ATM manages the machine’s installation, maintenance, processing, and programming.

Free ATM Placement Program

Businesses opting for the Free ATM Placement Program receive a free ATM and America’s ATM deals with installing, maintaining, and programming the machine. America’s ATM also handles the cash processing and services for the machine. The Free ATM Placement Program is especially suited for business owners who want a machine, but are concerned with how to care for and operate the ATM.

Contact America’s ATM via phone at 877-475-1104, or submit a form online to learn more about the services America’s ATM offers.

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