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Rent ATM Machine at your Business: Increasing Revenue

Investing in an ATM for your business provides an additional means of generating revenue at your establishment. Business owners can rent, lease, or purchase an ATM machine for their business. Owning the ATM allows the business owner to keep 100% of the transaction fees ATM users pay to use the machine, thus creating a new source of revenue for your business. Bill Hardekopf, the CEO of LowCards.com predicts an increase in ATM use, “[t]hat increase in demand could lead to higher revenues from ATMs.”

ATM Rental Business

An ATM also increases revenue for your business by attracting new customers to your establishment. Individuals that ordinarily wouldn’t visit your business become potential customers and lead to increased sales. ATM users are more likely to spend money at your business, and even if ATM users do not purchase your products, your business still earns money from the ATM transaction fee. The on-site ATM also leads to more cash transactions at your business; customers are more likely to make larger purchases since there is easy access to an ATM for quick withdrawals. It is estimated that customers spend up to 25% more at a location if they have ready access to cash.

ATM Revenue

Purchasing an ATM for your business not only opens a new source of revenue through ATM fees but also increases your sales by bringing in new customers and facilitating sales. The investment of an ATM supports your business and creates opportunities for increased sales.

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