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ATM Machine Business in Your Miami Motel

Adding an ATM machine to your business can help to improve nearly all aspects of maintaining a successful motel. These boosts range from increasing the number of visitors to providing a little extra income each month simply through the use of that machine. Yes, it really is that easy!

Greater Presence

South Florida is full of travelers, so providing them with the ability to access their own money at all hours of the day as an added convenience helps solidify your image and improve your standing among the competition.

Financial Incentives for You and Your Customers

Credit and debit card use is on the rise, but many people would still prefer to use cash for various reasons. One of the main reasons for preferring paper money is that each transaction made with a plastic card results in a small processing fee. The fee isn’t too significant unless it is a small purchase total or the purchases are frequent both of which are common occurrences, especially in coastal regions of the US. ATMs, while including small fees for each withdrawal, dramatically reduce the amount of overhead charges when using the money. With a single visit to an ATM, a customer can acquire enough money to last for the entire day, and possibly longer, to be spent wherever necessary without additional charges.

The owners financial benefit is, additional income gained every single time a transaction is processed through the ATM. This means that every time someone comes to your motel to withdraw money from the ATM, you earn money from the attached surcharge on each use of the machine. These charges often aren’t more than a few dollars per transaction, so the customer isn’t too affected by it, but with potentially hundreds of transactions per day, it will add up quickly. Most importantly, ATMs provide passive income for your business. That is to say that once the machine is installed on your property, it requires nothing more than regular maintenance and minor upkeep without any additional investment on your end.

By simply adding an ATM to your business, you can increase profits while attracting new customers and offering them greater financial convenience. Navigate here, or call 877-475-1104 to request additional information on how an ATM machine for business locations can help you.