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ATM Machines Make Good Financial Sense for Merchants

Small businesses, particularly Convenience Stores and Gas Stations have the opportunity to increase their monthly revenue by adding a GenMega or Hyosung ATM machine to their location.  There are two options for merchants wanting to offer their customers ATM service.  In the first scenario, the Merchant purchases and ATM machine from America’s ATM and loads the cash themselves (self service).  America’s ATM provides the delivery and installation of the ATM as well as the back end ATM bank processing which allows the transaction to take place. Under a self service program, the merchant keeps a majority of the surcharge charged to the customer for withdrawing cash.

The second scenario is where America’s ATM provides an ATM for free, loads the cash and maintains the machine (full service).  The merchant only needs to provide a highly visible location for the GenMega or Hyosung ATM machine and access to electric. Under a full service program, America’s ATM keeps a majority of the surcharge as it is doing a majority of the work.  The advantage to the merchant is that there is no need for the merchant to purchase an ATM machine or have the responsibility of loading and maintaining the machine.

In either scenario, by adding an ATM machine to your business can not only provide an added convenience to your customer, it can also be a significant source of additional income.

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