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ATM Programs for Salons and Spas: Beautify Your Revenue

An ATM sign outside of your business is like a siren call to people who need cash, and once they’re in the door, they’re also more likely to become your clients. Not only does having an ATM bring more people in, acting as a unique marketing tool, but it will also make clients happier and reduce the chances you’ll end up with a bad check or fraudulent charge to deal with. For your Sunrise business, there are multiple ATM programs to choose from. Here is a quick overview.

The Free Placement

Under this program, your Sunrise spa or salon will receive a free ATM installed in your business. America’s ATM will handle the machine’s total cost, installation, upkeep, programming, cash loading and processing, and you’ll receive part of the machine’s fee revenue in return. This plan is ideal if you want a machine and its many benefits in your business but don’t have the time or money to spare for its costs and maintenance.

The Free Partner

Under the Partner Program, America’s ATM will provide you with a machine free of charge, and they will also handle installation, upkeep, processing and programming. With this arrangement, you handle the loading of cash into the machine.

The Processing Program

If you decide to go with the processing program, you’ll buy the ATM and maintain it, with America’s ATM handling the processing at a cost-effective rate.

How to Decide

You can’t go wrong with any of these three ATM programs. All of them will provide you with more satisfied clients and additional revenue. However, the right program for you depends on how much you want to earn, how much time you want to invest, what type of control you want to have over the machine, and what costs you’re willing to take on. Consider the amount of money and time you have to offer the ATM and what your additional revenue goals are before you make this decision. An ATM that is frequently broken will frustrate people, so you have to be certain you will have the time available to maintain or load it if you go with the partner or processing arrangements.

Don’t wait to increase revenue in your spa or beauty salon. Learn more about the programs America’s ATM has available for your business by visiting https://americanatm.com/atm-programs/. If you have questions, we have answers, and you can speak to someone via our dedicated form at https://americanatm.com/contact-us/ or by phone by simply dialing 877-475-1104.