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ATM Usage and the Holidays

Christmas_bauble_black_and_whiteWhen the first cash-dispensing machine was unveiled in 1967 in London there was little indication that the ATM would become as popular as it is today. The convenience of getting cash from your bank account without ever having to walk into a bank made the ATM a popular method of withdrawing cash. About 17% of Americans use ATMs as their primary method of banking and 60% of Americans between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-four use ATMs eight times a month. 51% of Americans between twenty-five and forty-nine also use ATMs eight times a month, withdrawing over $50.00 per transaction.

ATM Usage & Withdrawals in USA

During the busy holiday season, American adults expect to spend around $720.00 on gifts, and over 25% of Americans will spend $1,000 or more on gifts. With the large amounts of money Americans project to spend on holiday gifts, ATM usage is also expected to rise. More purchases mean a greater need for ATMs during the holiday shopping season. Many businesses benefit from the holiday season; the U.S. retail industry generated over three trillion dollars during last year’s holiday season; but businesses can generate even more revenue during the holiday shopping period by installing an ATM at their business. Shoppers who use an ATM spend up to 25% more money than those who do not and businesses with ATMs increase their store’s sales by over 8%.

Install ATM Machine your Business

Discover how you can get an ATM for your business by contacting America’s ATM, a company that provides ATMs, financial service kiosks, and marketing products to businesses in the United States. America’s ATM has extensive experience in retail and small business marketing space and offers several ATM placement programs for businesses. The Free ATM Placement Program and Free ATM Partner Program offer businesses a free ATM along with installation, maintenance, programming, and processing for the machine. In the ATM Processing Program, America’s ATM deals with the ATM processing while the business owner buys and maintains their own machine.


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