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ATM Usage

ATM Users spend up to 25% more money than non-ATM users. The convenience of an ATM encourages spending while other forms of payment such as checks or debit cards may compel customers to be more cautious when making purchases. Business owners can turn this information into an opportunity to increase their store’s revenue by installing an ATM at their business for customers. Retail locations with on-site ATMs that dispense $20 bills or more have been proven to increase the store’s sales by over 8%. Not only will ATM users spend more money at the business and increase overall sales, but the ATM fee for using the machine contributes to store profits by giving the business an additional source of revenue. Banks typically charge their customers a fee for using ATMs not affiliated with the bank; ATM users also pay another charge set by the ATM Operator. Although these fees can be costly, many people still use an ATM not connected to their bank in order to save time. Businesses operating an ATM provide convenience for customers while simultaneously bolstering revenue.

Install ATM at Your Shop

America’s ATM provides and services financial service kiosks, marketing products, and ATM machines to businesses throughout the United States. America’s ATM free placement program will deliver a brand new ATM machine to your business in 3-5 days. Business owners can generate revenue for their store while America’s ATM manages the installation, programming, maintenance, as well as the processing and cash services for the ATM. The free ATM partner program provides businesses with an ATM machine and covers installation, ATM programming, processing, and upkeep, while business owners deal with the cash loading of their machine. Business owners can also purchase their own ATM machine and America’s ATM will handle the processing. Visit http://americanatm.com/ to learn more about America’s ATM and its services.

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