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ATMs and Business Revenue

dollars and centsThe emergence of online banking and the increasing use of cashless payment methods have revolutionized how people buy and bank. Although more people are transitioning to online banking and prefer using credit or debit cards for making payments, cash remains a significant part of the global economy and the individual consumer’s lifestyle. The 2014 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Report found that Americans prefer to use cash when making small food purchases, and when buying personal health-related items. Furthermore, up to forty percent of all payments the average American makes within a month are paid with cash. With cash playing such a crucial role in consumers’ lives, ATMs continue to serve an important function as a cash access point for consumers, and as a revenue stream for ATM owners.

Roughly two-thirds of the nearly 500,000 ATMs in the United States are privately owned and operated. People without access to a bank branch ATM can use a privately-operated machine located nearby to withdraw cash. Many small businesses operate and own an ATM as a source of revenue. ATMs boost store sales  up to twenty percent, and promote increased spending amongst individual customers; ATM users spend between twenty-three to twenty-five percent more money at a business than non-ATM users. In addition, part of the money withdrawn at these privately-operated ATMs are spent at the business, and the money re-circulates back into the store. Businesses that own and operate an ATM also earn money from the ATM transaction fee users pay. Customers also appreciate the ability to choose between different payment methods, and an ATM allows people to pay using cash versus debit or credit cards.

Business owners that are considering an ATM for their business location can connect with America’s ATM, a company specializing in providing businesses with ATMs, marketing products, and financial service kiosks. America’s ATM has several programs business owners can choose from: the ATM Processing Program, the Free ATM Partner Program, and the Free ATM Placement Program. The team at America’s ATM is experienced in the retail and finance industry, and can work with business owners to select the type of program that works best for their business. Other programs offered by America’s ATM include the ATM Reseller Partners Program in which individuals can work as independent agents for America’s ATM providing essential services to small businesses. Call America’s ATM at 877-475-1104, or contact a representative through the website at http://americanatm.com/contact-us/.

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