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ATMs and the Holiday Shopping Season

presentThe day after Thanksgiving officially begins the holiday shopping season that continues through until Christmas on December 25th. Although the biggest shopping and retail sales period of the year officially starts in late November, some consumers start shopping much earlier in September and October. For businesses, the holidays are an important sales period that generates a significant percentage of annual sales. The Saturday before Christmas, or Super Saturday, is a big day for many businesses, but the holiday shopping season actually extends into January when customers redeem gift cards and year-end clearance sales provide businesses with another holiday-related sales boost. The America’s Research Group  December 2015 study discovered that more consumers are waiting longer to complete their Christmas shopping, with almost half of consumers saying that they won’t finish their shopping until December 24th. Many other consumers anticipate more shopping after Christmas when they can benefit from after-holiday deals.

This extended shopping season allows businesses to experience holiday sales long after Christmas is over. Make the most of the holiday sales period by installing an ATM at your business. Stores with an ATM increase their sales by an average of 20 percent. The ATM transaction fee users pay to access the machine go right to your business; each ATM services an average of 800 transactions each month so your new ATM can generate a considerable amount of revenue for your business during this crucial time of year. ATMs can also attract new potential customers into your business and buoy customer spending; ATM users tend to spend about 23 percent more money than a non-ATM user.

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