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ATM Reseller Program

ATM machines are becoming a staple at most high traffic business locations.  Merchants are realizing the benefits of placing an ATM in their place of business.  Not only does an ATM generate more and more customers that spend cash, merchants now have an extra income stream that, in many cases, is the most profitable square footage in their place of business. This is where we introduce ATM reseller program.

America’s ATM offers independent sales agents, also referred to as ISO’s or ISA’s the ability to resell and place ATM machines within merchant locations.

ISO’s and ISA’s generate significant residual income by placing ATM machines in their merchant’s location for free lipitor medicine.  In return, agents earn a percentage of the service charge for every transaction generated through the ATM machine.

Contact America’s ATM for more details in its ATM Reseller program. www.americanatm.com

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  1. Alex Fraser says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Can someone please give me a call to discuss your ISO program. We process under FD’s platform and are looking for different opportunities to generate revenue for our sales people.


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