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The Best Reason to Consider an ATM for your Business

businessgrowth.010913Every business owner and entrepreneur wants to grow their business by opening new locations, expanding their customer base, or even by selling new products and services. Achieving this goal is often easier said than done. In 2010, the Staples National Small Business Survey questioned 300 business owners about their business goals. 80% of the business owners surveyed said that they do not keep track of their business goals, and 77% said that they haven’t achieved their business vision. Business owners and other entrepreneurs cite the difficult economy, a tight budget, lack of time, or unclear business goals as some of the reasons for failing to meet the objective of expanding their business.

Expanding your business doesn’t have to be impossible, installing an ATM for your business is an excellent and simple way to expand the reach of your business and make additional money. An ATM allows you to tap into a new market by attracting more customers to your establishment, including individuals that would normally not frequent your business. Furthermore, the ATM offers your customers a new service that improves their overall experience at your business. Your business also earns money from the ATM processing fees which helps expand your business by creating a new source of revenue.

Contact America’s ATM for more information about expanding your business. America’s ATM is a leading provider in ATM space and offers small and medium-sized businesses a variety of great options for obtaining an ATM. Through the Free ATM Placement Program, businesses receive a free ATM and America’s ATM provides installation, programming, maintenance, processing, and cash services. With the Free ATM Partner Program, businesses also receives a free ATM along with the installation, programming, machine maintenance, cash processing, while the business owner deals with cash loading. Through the ATM Processing Program, business owners purchase their own ATM and handle maintenance while America’s ATM deals with the  processing. Check out the America’s ATM website, http://americanatm.com/, to find out more.


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  1. Jim Jensen says:

    Does your company find locations where I can expand my existing atm route by adding ATMs to those locations?

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