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Cash Loading the ATM at your Business: Casino ATM – Bar ATM


Nowadays, many businesses include an ATM for customers’ use. Casinos, clubs, convenience stores, and other retail locations offer the service of an ATM not only to assist their customers but to boost their overall revenue and facilitate spending at their establishment. Sometimes an external company loads cash into the ATM but oftentimes business owners are responsible for loading the cash into the ATM. Most ATMs can hold up to two hundred thousand dollars, but many ATMs contain much less money for the sake of security and other reasons. Business owners trying to figure out the right amount to place in their machine should consider several factors.

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First off, the type of business determines how much should be placed in the ATM. Establishments like casinos, bars, or clubs should place larger amounts of cash in their ATM. Businesses in high traffic areas or with a large volume of customers should also place large amounts of money in the machine. Business owners even need to consider the day of the week and time of day before loading cash in their ATM. Fridays have the highest volume of ATM usage and business owners can load more money in the ATM on those days. For the sake of safety, business owners may consider putting less money into the ATM during evening hours or when the business is closed since thefts are more likely to occur at these times.

For more help on how to manage their ATM, business owners can turn to America’s ATM. America’s ATM provides ATMs, financial service kiosks, and marketing products for American businesses. America’s ATM offers three different ATM placement programs business owners can choose from. The Free ATM Placement Program provides a free ATM as well as the installation, programming, cash loading, and maintenance of the machine. The Free ATM Partner Program also provides a free ATM and additional programming, installation, and maintenance while the business owner performs the cash loading for their machine. In the ATM Processing Program, business owners purchase their own machine but America’s ATM takes care of the machine processing. America’s ATM provides excellent customer service and can help business owners choose a program that best fits their business. Contact America’s ATM toll-free at 877-475-1104.


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