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Common ATM Errors: ATM Troubleshooting

ATM Machines - America's ATMBusinesses with ATMs provide their customers a useful service while also boosting their own sales. Customers can easily access cash for purchases and the convenience of the ATM may increase customer satisfaction. When your business’s ATM malfunctions, however, customers may become frustrated or leave your establishment to find another ATM. Business owners should understand some common ATM errors in order to help their customers and get their machine back in service.

Card Reader Failure

The machine cannot read the debit card; card reader errors mean that the card reader either needs to be replaced or cleaned. Card reader errors do not always indicate a defective reader, there may be an obstruction in the card reader. Frequent use, dirt buildup, or spilled drinks may also affect the card reader.

Cash/Bill Jam or Out of Cash

Bills may sometimes jam in the machine and have to be removed. Clear the bill dispenser of ripped bills and reset the machine.

Receipt Paper Low

Make sure your ATM has enough paper to print receipts by replacing the roll. ATM mistakes are relatively rare but when they do occur, ATM users need a printed receipt that shows the time and date of the transaction in order to get the problem corrected.

ATM Error & Support by America’s ATM

For more troubleshooting advice, business owners can turn to America’s ATM for help with maintaining their ATM. America’s ATM provides ATMs, financial service kiosks, and marketing products for American businesses as well as providing superior customer service. Businesses with on-site ATMs increase their sales by over 8% and America’s ATM offers three different ATM placement programs business owners can choose from. The Free ATM Placement Program provides a free ATM as well as the installation, programming, cash loading, and maintenance of the machine. The Free ATM Partner Program also provides a free ATM and additional programming, installation, and maintenance while the business owner performs the cash loading for their machine. In the ATM Processing Program, business owners purchase their own machine but America’s ATM takes care of the machine processing. America’s ATM provides excellent customer service and can help business owners choose a program that best fits their business. Contact America’s ATM toll-free at 877-475-1104 or visit our website to learn more about our services and programs, http://americanatm.com/

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2 Responses so far.

  1. April Cook says:

    I like your tip to make sure that the receipt paper is replaced so people can print. Is there a warning that appears when the paper is low? Would this be something that all employees would be able to fix, or do you need special access to the ATM to do it? Thank you for this information.

  2. Patricia Anderson says:

    I agree that it is frustrating when an ATM isn’t functioning properly. This is great advice for all business owners. Thank you for sharing!

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