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Connecting ATMs and Businesses


How to get an ATM Machine in my Store

The National ATM Council reports that close to 430,000 ATMs are operating in the United States today.  Of that amount, over fifty percent are owned and managed by independent ATM deployers rather financial institutions like banks and credit unions. Approximately thirty-two percent of ATMs are located at a bank or credit union branch, while sixty-eight percent of all ATMs are located in a variety of other locations, including businesses. Although there no precise figures on the total number of businesses that have an ATM at their location, independent ATM deployers own and operate about 222,000 machines.

Why have an ATM at my business?

Installing an ATM at your business can draw more foot traffic into your business and potentially increase your customer base. Businesses with ATMs increase overall store sales up to twenty percent. Individual customers who use an ATM spend around twenty-three percent more money at a business than non-ATM users. The typical ATM withdrawal amount is between sixty and eighty dollars, and most people spend part of that amount at the business location, particularly if the customer is making a small purchase (under twenty dollars). Access to cash gives customers more payment flexibility and eliminates the need for customers to leave the business to access cash elsewhere.

What kinds of businesses benefit from an ATM?

Many types of businesses can benefit from operating an ATM; restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, convenience stores, etc. Service-oriented businesses, especially ones that deal with a high volume of customers, often have an on-site ATM, but businesses that primarily provide goods rather than services can also benefit from having an ATM.

How much does it cost to get an ATM? How do I maintain an ATM?

America’s ATM, a company that provides businesses with ATMs, marketing products, and financial service kiosks, offers several ATM programs business owners can choose from. Businesses receive a free ATM with the Free ATM Placement Program; ATM maintenance, programming, processing, and cash services are also included. You can also receive a free ATM through the Free ATM Partner Program, as well as programming, processing, and ATM maintenance. Contact America’s ATM through the website at http://americanatm.com/contact-us/ or call 877-475-1104 to speak with a representative.

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