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FAQs: ATM Resellers and ATM Partners

Circle_question_markAmerica’s ATM is a company that supplies ATMs, marketing products, and financial service kiosks to businesses. Founded in Plantation, Florida, America’s ATM is a leading provider in ATM space and offers business owners several different options for installing and managing an ATM at their establishment. In addition to opportunities for businesses, individuals have a chance to partner with America’s ATM as an ATM Reseller. The following are some FAQs concerning ATM Reseller Partners.

What is an ATM Reseller Partner?

An ATM Reseller Partner is an independent agent or business working through America’s ATM to provide other businesses with essential services and products.

What services do ATM Reseller Partners offer businesses?

ATM Reseller Partners offer small businesses a range of useful products and services, including merchant cash advance, payment processing, online advertising, and social media and marketing help. Reseller Partners also provide ATM-related services for businesses seeking to install an ATM at their store. ATM placement and ATM processing are some of the ATM services Reseller Partners can give small business owners.

How does an ATM benefit a business?

ATMs are a simple way to increase store sales and a business’s overall revenue. Customers who use an ATM spend up to 25% more money than non-ATM users at a store and an ATM draws more people into a business, thereby potentially expanding a business’s clientele. The presence of an ATM encourages cash payments, which can cut down on the need to accept credit cards and save the business money.

Why become an ATM Reseller Partner?

America’s ATM gives its ATM Reseller Partners job independence and flexibility; independent agents with America’s ATM make their own schedule. Reseller Partners earn residual income and there is no cap on the income agents can earn. Agents have access to an online dashboard and residual tracking portal, as well as merchant sales leads.

How can I become an ATM Reseller Partner?

Individuals interested in becoming an ATM Reseller Partner can call America’s ATM at 877-475-1104, or can contact America’s ATM by submitting a form through the website, http://americanatm.com/contact-us/. Learn more about becoming an ATM Reseller Partner and America’s ATM on the website, http://americanatm.com/.

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