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Find the Best ATM Processing Companies

Free ATM Placement

With free ATM placement, you get the machine in your business at no cost to you. Best of all, it is a brand new ATM. The company will handle all of the things that take you away from your business, like the installation, the cost of the ATM, maintenance on your machine, processing, programming and cash services. You still earn a monthly revenue, but without all the hassle. It’s also worth noting that the company installing the ATM handles everything, they collect the revenue from the ATM and then send a check to the business that is hosting the machine.

Free ATM Partner Program

With a free ATM partner program you still get the same benefits as the free ATM placement except you, as the business owner, are the one who handles the cash loading of the ATM. This can be an ideal option if you don’t mind doing a little work and do earn extra money, but don’t want to handle the maintenance and other things associated with the machine.

ATM Processing Program

Last but not least is the ATM processing program, which means the business owner buys the ATM and then lets a processing company handle the processing.

When choosing an ATM processing company, the first thing to decide on is whether you want to rent or own the machine. If you plan to own the ATM, keep in mind that you will have to cover the costs of repairs, installation, and maintenance. Get some cost estimates in writing so you know what you’re potentially taking on if you decide to own the machine.

Another thing to take into consideration with a processing company is cost. Compare prices with competitors to see if the differences. You do not want to be charging too much on transaction fees to the point that no one is using your machine unless they have some kind of emergency. However, in high traffic businesses, you should do fine on your fees if they are fair, and you won’t have to worry what everyone is doing down the street. Choose a processing company that will work with you and offers the lowest rates for the best service. You want low rates, but don’t trade out good service to save a few dollars.

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