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ATM Placement Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Machine in Miami

Near the front doors, but not too close

An ATM is usually best positioned near your front door but not so close that people just use it and leave. Granted, if you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning in your business, customers lured in by the machine may just stay and shop for a while to experience relief from the heat of a scorching Florida day. Make sure your ATM is close enough to the front door so that people can easily find it but far enough in so they get a look at some of your items for sale. You can even put displays of popular items within the eye-line of the ATM, but make sure the displays don’t interfere with someone trying to get to the machine.

In an area that affords privacy

People don’t want to be crammed in or feel as if someone can peer over their shoulder when they’re using an ATM to access one of their accounts. As you’re debating on ATM placement, consider how comfortable you would feel using an ATM in each location you’re considering. If the placement area is too tight or the ATM is too close to things, like lottery machines and other devices customers frequently use, it may deter people from using the machine. Make sure your ATM is in a spot where customers can move freely while still getting a little bit of privacy.

Somewhere you can access it easily

There will be times where you want to check your ATM, or maybe you’ve chosen a program where you maintain and load cash into it yourself. In either situation, you want your machine to be easily accessible should you need to get in or around it. Place your ATM in a spot you can quickly get to if needed. While a nook or crevice might seem like a good location at the time of installation, it could slow you down later, so think carefully before shoving your machine into a spot that is too tight.

Having an ATM in your business is a solid way to keep customers happy, increase foot traffic and ease some of those credit card processing fees. Maximize your profit from your machine by making sure you’ve found the ideal spot for it in your store.