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HALO ATM Machine: A Perfect Match for Your Theater

An ATM is a perfect way to generate extra income. You get the surcharge revenue and it helps to increase sales inside of the theater itself, which makes it a winning combination for everyone involved.

The Advantages of an ATM in a Movie Theater

Movie theaters are a place where people tend to spend money and sometimes, a lot of it. Whether it is on concessions like drinks, candy, nachos, and popcorn or video games or tickets, the revenue is definitely there. When you add a halo atm machine into the mix, you have even more opportunities. The customer can get cash out to give to other family members so everyone can split up if they are seeing separate movies. This is a perfect situation for teens or children who are old enough to buy their own candy, drinks or popcorn and see a movie with a friend. No matter what the reason for needing cash while at the movies, the fact is that if it is there, it will be used and you rake in the profits. It’s easy to maintain, and in a busy movie theater, there is the potential for creating an excellent and lucrative profit stream while providing a service that the patrons to the theater will appreciate.

Convenient for the Customer

Having an ATM in a movie theater is convenient both inside and outside. Not every person likes to use a credit or debit card for certain things, and some people just like carrying cash. Often, customers like to grab cash for use at other places outside of the theater, such as parking garages, food trucks or anything they need where they cannot or do not care to use a credit card or debit card. Besides, customers like knowing they have options, and they like having the convenience of getting cash when they need it.

You can easily set up an ATM in the Chelsea and Miami-South Florida area with American ATM in Cooper City. You can contact us by calling 877-475-1104 or sending an email to [email protected] to get started on generating revenue with a Halo ATM machine conveniently located inside of a movie theater, where you will get all the advantages and your customers will get all of the convenience. It is the perfect solution for everyone and it is easy to get set up, so just contact us so we can help you get started.