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Holiday Cash Use and ATMs

gold-and-silver-christmas-ornamentsThe holidays are a major shopping season for most American consumers. Holiday retail sales in 2014 increased from 2013 to 650 billion dollars, and retailers expect 2015 to bring in even bigger sales. Consumers also project spending more money this year than in previous years; on average, consumers anticipate spending over 800 dollars in 2015 on gifts alone.

Increased consumer spending during the holiday shopping season is a great time for businesses to try something new to boost holiday sales. Installing an ATM at your business is a simple way to streamline purchases and improve sales. Consumers use cash to make an average of twenty-three transactions each month, and the increased number of purchases during December means that cash is more in demand.  The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco discovered that for purchases and transactions below fifty dollars, consumers tend to pay cash about 50 percent of the time. The likelihood of a customer using cash however increases for low-value transactions and purchases of food and personal items. Cash is also the preferred way to pay for 30 percent of consumers. With cash playing such a significant role in consumer spending, getting an ATM for your business will support customer spending by allowing customers the option to pay using a preferred method of payment. Providing access to cash not only helps customers, but the addition of an ATM increases overall store sales by 20 percent. Individual ATM-users also spend 23 percent more money than non-ATM users.

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