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How Utilizing an ATM Business Helps Florida Convenience Stores


While statistics show that stores with ATMs see sales increase by at least 8 percent and the average customer spends nearly 25 percent more on each transaction, the most important factor for many store owners is that it helps their customers access cash much more easily than any other means. After all, a customer who have more money will spend more money – and often if given an enticing variety of options. Making the experience easier and quicker for customers is the key to a successful convenience store.

Money Savings

When making small purchases, many people prefer to use cash instead of a debit or credit card as the transaction fees associated with them are quite high in relation to the price of the purchase. This is a problem faced by many Lake Worth convenience stores as most purchases tend to be rather small. Having an ATM located nearby allows the customer to purchase what they need with cash in order to avoid those charges.

Time Savings

Not only can an ATM help save money, but it can also save the customer time. Providing easy access to money helps customers tremendously. There will no longer be the need to make an additional bank stop on the way or spend excess time scrounging for money around the house or in the car in the parking lot after a day at the beach.

Ultimately, the goal is to maximize the amount of money you’ve acquired throughout your hours of operation, and the best way to do that is to make the process of purchasing goods and services as easy and streamlined as possible. Installing an ATM within your walls helps you reach that goal by increasing the number of customers and their purchases while also saving them time and money overall. By providing customers with an ATM, they’ll be able to walk right in after a long day in the Florida sun, withdraw their money, and proceed home with their choice of beverage and chips without any additional delay. A happy customer will become a frequent customer, and what better way is there to make customers happy then by removing a barrier between them and their cash?

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