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Increase Customer Spending

walletBusinesses looking to increase their sales try many different strategies; raising prices, seeking out new customers, or persuading current customers to spend more money each time they visit. Targeting existing customers as a way to increase overall sales is a smart business tactic. According to Market Metrics, the probability of making a sale to a current customer is 60% to 70%, whereas the probability of selling to a new customer is only 5% to 20% likely. Frequent and loyal customers are arguably the most valuable customers for a business since they are reliable, and often make up the bulk of a business’s sales. A loyal customer is worth around ten times the amount of money spent on their first purchase, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs. These loyal customers that consistently make purchases are more apt to increase the amount of money spent at a business.

How to Increase Consumer Spending

A good way to increase customer spending is by installing an ATM at your business. ATMs are a good way to support customer satisfaction since the machine allows customers more payment flexibility and provides a convenient service. Satisfied customers are more likely to spend more during a single visit to a business. Building customer loyalty is important to maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing customer spending. Moreover, ATM access encourages more spending. Studies show that the presence of an ATM can increase overall sales by about 8%, and individual ATM users spend about 20% to 25% more money on purchases than non-ATM users.

ATM Placement Strategy

Learn more about the ways an ATM can increase customer spending through America’s ATM, a company specializing in providing ATMs, marketing products, and financial service kiosks to small and medium-sized businesses. With its experienced management team, America’s ATM has become a leading provider in ATM space for businesses and pro in developing ATM placement strategy. The team at America’s ATM has over twenty years of experience in retail and understands the needs of smaller businesses. Business owners can choose from three different ATM programs: the Free ATM Placement Program, the Free ATM Partner Program, and the ATM Processing Program. America’s ATM provides a free ATM through the Free ATM Placement and Free ATM Partner Program. Find out more about the programs by contacting America’s ATM at 877-475-1104, or visit the website to learn more: http://americanatm.com/

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