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Independent ATM Deployers

Independent ATM Deployers

According to the National ATM Council, there are over 425,000 ATMs in the United States. Around 48% of these ATMs are owned and serviced by financial institutions like banks and credit unions. Over half of all ATMs are owned and managed by IADs, or Independent ATM Deployers. The number of ATMs owned and operated by Independent ATM Deployers increases each year as more ATMs spring up at universities, malls, restaurants, and retail stores.

Most people are familiar with on-premise ATMs which are ATMs located at banks. Bank account holders pay no fee for using these machines but these on-premise ATMs are not always conveniently located. When shopping or on extended trips people often find themselves far from an ATM operated by their banking institution and have to use an off-premise ATM. An off-premise ATM is not located at a bank branch but found in convenience stores, airports, clubs, gas stations, and other places of business. The number of off-premise ATMs is more than double the amount found at financial institutions and the operators of these machines can charge fees for using the ATM. The ATM operator typically charges between three and five dollars for using the machine, if the ATM is operated by a business these fees go towards the overall revenue of the business, providing an independent stream of revenue. Business owners searching for new ways to increase their revenue should consider installing an ATM and America’s ATM can help individuals choose the best option for their business.

ATM Machines For Business

America’s ATM provides and services ATMs, marketing products, and financial service kiosks to small and medium-sized American businesses. The three ATM placement programs offered by America’s ATM give business owners flexible options for installing an ATM at their establishment. Through the Free ATM Placement Program, your business can receive a free ATM and the America’s ATM team will install, maintain, program, and handle the cash services for your machine. The Free ATM Partner Program also provides businesses with a free ATM along with installation, maintenance, processing, and programming, but gives business owners the freedom of doing the cash loading for their machine. With the ATM Processing Program, business owners purchase and maintain their own machine while America’s ATM handles the cash processing. Business owners can learn more about the programs and services at America’s ATM by visiting the website, http://americanatm.com/

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