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A Cut above the Rest: Installing an ATM Can Grow Your Grocery Store in Florida

Increase your bottom line

A significant part of the new clientele entering your business will end up buying some items out of convenience. With time, you can entice them to become regular shoppers in your store. It is estimated that stores with cash dispensers realize a 20 to 25 percent growth in their revenues, without embarking on costly marketing campaigns.

Realize still more revenue

Paying up to 3 percent of your annual sales to the credit card company can take a toll on your small establishment. With the help of one of the reputable ATM machine placement companies in Florida you can eliminate these charges. Shoppers tend to pay for their purchase in cash after they make a withdrawal, and that translates into a considerable savings for your business. Interestingly, on top of lowering the credit processing fees, installing a cash dispenser increased your revenue. Not only is using an ATM terminal convenience to your customer you get to keep a portion of the fees.

Improved business image

Customers are all about impression, and businesses invest considerable effort to project the right picture. Installing a cash dispenser is a simple and convenient way to boost your business image. It helps you appeal to all type of shoppers who seek to withdraw money. Attracting people with more buying power increases your profits.

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