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Installing an ATM in Your Business

ATM Location

If you live in and operate a gas station in the Miami or Palm Beach area, you know that you see a lot of traffic on a daily basis. When a customer is short on cash, they can get some quick money from your ATM, doubling the way you make money. You will still make profit on the goods you sell, and you will also make a percentage off the ATM machine itself. Any gas station is a great place to put an ATM.

Benefits of an ATM in Your Gas Station

There are many perks to choosing to place an ATM machine in your gas station. You may have to spend some money upfront to purchase or lease the machine, but the profits will pay off in the end. Simply having an ATM increases your foot traffic. You can advertise you have an ATM, which means people will come when they need quick cash, even if they aren’t going to buy anything. Chances are, however, once they’re in the gas station, they buy a drink or a snack.

Installing an ATM in your Business will increase your revenue flow, helping you be more successful and make a bigger profit on a regular basis. Some experts estimate that adding an ATM to your gas station has the potential to increase your revenue by 20 to 25 percent. That’s a pretty good chunk of change for not having to do anything except have the ATM stocked with funds on a daily basis.

As the owner of a gas station, you probably know that you have to pay surcharges on credit card purchases. Many gas stations will only run a credit card for a certain amount of money. That will require your customers to get cash from the ATM, which allows you to make a percentage profit from the ATM transaction in addition to saving you money on credit card processing fees.

Finally, surcharge revenue will also increase if you have an ATM. When you charge a fee for using your ATM, you can add that money to your bottom line without doing anything.

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