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Installing an ATM in your shop for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Although February 14th is not a federal holiday, Valentine’s Day is widely-celebrated in the United States, with around 180 million cards exchanged. Stationary isn’t the only thing people spend money on during Valentine’s Day, in fact, total annual spending for the holiday is over 13 billion dollars, and the average consumer will spend around 116 dollars on Valentine’s Day gifts, cards, and activities. Candy, cards, jewelry, and flowers are the most common gifts, and roses are the most popular flowers exchanged during the holiday. About 198 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day alone. While people generally consider Valentine’s Day a celebration of romantic love, many consumers purchase gifts for friends, classmates, co-workers, and even pets. 14 percent of women said they buy flowers for themselves, and many Americans celebrate the holiday with friends instead of a romantic partner.

February is a great time for business owners to capitalize on Valentine’s Day spending by installing an ATM at their business. ATMs increase your business’s overall revenue and boost individual customer spending. Stores with ATMs increase their sales by an average of 20 percent, and ATM users spend about 23 percent more money that non-ATM users. An ATM can also increase your business’s revenue by attracting more people into your store. Consumers use an ATM an average of 7.4 times each month, and a consumer’s preference for cash over credit or debit can increase ATM visits. Cash remains the most popular payment method for purchases below 20 dollars, and since most transactions are low-value transactions, 46 percent of all transactions are paid in cash.

America’s ATM offers reliable ATM solutions for businesses owners. Business owners can choose from three different ATM programs and the experienced management team at America’s ATM can help you select a program best suited for your business. Your business can receive a free ATM through the Free ATM Placement Program, or the Free ATM Partner Program. America’s ATM also administers essential ATM service help like ATM installation, maintenance, programming, and cash processing through both the Free ATM Placement Program and the Free ATM Partner Program. If you opt to purchase and maintain your own ATM, America’s ATM can help by providing cash processing for your machine through the ATM Processing Program. America’s ATM also provides marketing products, and financial service kiosks for businesses. Call 877-475-1104 to get started with an ATM for your business, and check out the America’s ATM website to learn more: http://americanatm.com.

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