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handshakeWebster’s dictionary defines a partner as one of two people that work together on a project or participate together on a team. Whether partners are working together to reach a fitness goal, win a competition, or build a business, every partnership should be based on mutual need and trust. Partnerships should benefit both partners; communication and clearly-defined goals are essential to a successful partnership. According to the U.S. Small Business Association, a business partnership allows each partner to benefit from the other’s expertise, skills, strengths, and resources; both partners invest in the success of the business and share the work and liabilities of running the business. Support is one of the most valuable things that a partner offers since a strong support system is crucial to achieving success.

Partner with America’s ATM to develop your business by installing an ATM at your establishment. Placing an ATM at your business is a simple way to increase foot traffic into your business, reach new customers, and increase revenue. ATMs attract more patrons into your store and encourage customer spending. Customers with access to an ATM typically spend more money at the business than those without ATM access; ATM users spend twenty to twenty-five percent more money than non-ATM users. Your business also earns revenue from the fees ATM users pay to use the machine.

America’s ATM provides its partners essential support for their ATMs and works closely with businesses to develop an ATM program best suited for their particular business. America’s ATM is a company specializing in providing businesses with marketing products, financial service kiosks, and ATMs. Businesses receive a free ATM through the Free ATM Partner Program; America’s ATM also provides installation, ATM maintenance and programming, and cash processing while the business handles the cash loading for the ATM. America’s ATM values its partners by providing quality ATMs and customer service. Call America’s ATM 877-475-1104 for information, or visit the website, http://americanatm.com/, to learn more about what America’s ATM can offer your business.

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