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Prioritizing Customers

Promoting customer satisfaction is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. One dissatisfied customer or lost customer can lead to the loss of other customers. Unhappy customers don’t typically voice complaints to the business itself, but share their story with fellow customers and potential customers through word-of-mouth, review websites, or social media. 96% of dissatisfied customers do not share their complaints with the business, and for every customer complaint, 26 other customer complaints go unspoken. On average, these unhappy customers will tell 9 to 15 other people about their bad experience. In addition, it takes 12 positive experiences/interactions with a business to make up for a single, unresolved negative experience.

Prioritize your customers by providing excellent customer service. A loyal customer is worth 10 times to cost of her initial purchase. Additionally, a business is 60% to 70% more likely to sell to a current customer than to sell to a potential customer. One way you can support your current customers is by offering them valuable services through your business, such as an ATM. Installing an ATM at your business can contribute to customer satisfaction by providing a convenient way for customers to withdraw money. Customers can also have the flexibility of making purchases with cash instead of a credit or debit card. With an on-site ATM, customers who prefer to use cash for their transactions are less likely to leave your establishment to find an ATM. Most customers who leave to find an ATM never return to complete their purchase, resulting in a lost sale opportunity for the business. By providing a conveniently-located ATM, your business cuts down on lost purchases and boosts sales. Customers who use an ATM spend between 20% to 25% more money at a business than those who do not use an ATM. Furthermore, an ATM can limit purchase-related problems at your business.

Learn more about how an ATM can support customer satisfaction by contacting America’s ATM, a leading provider in ATM space. America’s ATM offers financial service kiosks, marketing products, and excellent ATMs to small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. America’s ATM has three main programs business owners can choose from when deciding on an ATM for their business: the ATM Processing Program, the Free ATM Partner Program, and the Free ATM Placement Program. Call America’s ATM toll free at 877-475-1104 to speak to a representative. Businesses can also reach America’s ATM by submitting a short form through the website, http://americanatm.com/contact-us/.


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