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Reaching New Customers for your Business

new customersForbes estimates that companies have to replace around 10% of their customer base every year; businesses have to be active about finding new customers to replace this loss if they want to remain profitable. Unfortunately, gaining new customers is harder than selling to existing customers. The probability of selling to a new potential customer is between 5% and 20%, while the likelihood of selling your products to an existing customer is 60% to 70%. Finding new customers is also more expensive, it costs about six or seven times more money to gain a new customer than it does to hold onto an existing one.

A great way to obtain new customers is by installing an ATM at your business. An ATM offers a necessary service that can draw in new potential customers. An ATM is also a simple way to attract new customers, other methods of expanding your customer base involves time-consuming focus groups or intensive social media advertising. Installing an ATM is an easy way to reach new people and provides a return on your investment. As the owner of the ATM, you get to set the ATM usage fee and the money generated from these fees contributes to your business’s revenue. Additionally, an ATM can boost your profits; ATM users spend 20% to 25% more money than non-ATM users. Potential and existing customers will appreciate the convenient service your business provides and by exceeding people’s expectations, you create customer loyalty and draw in new customers.

America’s ATM offers small and medium-sized businesses flexible and cost-effective options for obtaining an ATM. Gaining new customers may be more costly than retaining customers, but with America’s ATM, businesses can receive a free ATM. Businesses receive a free ATM through the Free ATM Placement Program and the Free ATM Partner Program. America’s ATM can also help businesses with installing and maintaining the ATM. With the ATM Processing Program, business owners can purchase their own machine and America’s ATM provides the cash processing for it. America’s ATM has an experienced team of professionals to help people decide on ATM solutions that best fits their business, contact America’s ATM at 877-475-1104, or visit the website to learn more, http://americanatm.com/.

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