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Revenue for Independent Businesses: Installing ATM Machine in your Shop

benjaminThe 2015 Independent Business Survey by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance evaluated over three thousand locally-owned businesses. On average, local businesses reported an 8.1 percent revenue increase, an almost three percent increase over the previous year. “Buy Local First” campaigns that encourage consumers to shop at locally-owned businesses are partly responsible for the improved performance. Locally-owned businesses in areas with Buy Local First initiatives saw their revenue increase by 9.3 percent, whereas businesses in places without Buy Local initiatives experienced only a 4.9 percent increase. Businesses seeking to increase revenue experiment with a variety of strategies, from changing prices and expanding their market, to offering new products and services. Of course, business owners need to evaluate whether a revenue-raising strategy is consistent with the business’s products and the business’s ability to implement the idea.

“Installing an ATM is a great revenue-increasing strategy for your business.”

An ATM works well for almost any type of business since an ATM supports the sale of a business’s existing services and products. ATMs increase sales by up to eight percent, and customers using the machine spend around twenty-five percent more money at a business. An ATM can increase foot traffic into your establishment, and turn ATM users into new customers. Partnering with America’s ATM also makes getting an ATM easy and cost-effective. Merchants can receive a free ATM, machine maintenance, programming, and cash processing through the Free ATM Partner program and the Free ATM Placement program. The team at America’s ATM can set up a new, cutting-edge ATM for your business within three to five days.

FREE ATM Programs

Contact America’s ATM for more information about receiving an ATM for your business. America’s ATM is a company providing businesses with a variety of essential services, from ATMs to online advertising. A leading provider in ATM space, America’s ATM offers businesses a variety of different programs to choose from: the Free ATM Placement Program, the Free ATM Partner Program, and the ATM Processing Program. The management team at America’s ATM has over twenty years of experience in the retail industry and can help its partners make informed decisions about what programs works best for their industry and type of business. You can speak to a customer service representative twenty-four hours a day at 877-475-1104 to get started, or visit the website to learn more: http://americanatm.com/programs/.

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