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ATM Security Tips

soapIf you are an ATM owner or operator, keeping your ATM clean and secure requires a little more effort than simply buying a bar of soap. Criminals targeting ATMs use a variety of methods to attack a machine; some physically attack the machine by trying to break into the ATM or dragging it away. The more common form of ATM attack however is ATM skimming, in which criminals attach skimming devices to an ATM in order to capture ATM users’ card information. A skimming device is usually attached over the machine’s card reader to capture the data from a card’s magnetic strip. Skimmers may also install a small camera nearby, or even affix another keypad over the ATM’s keypad, to learn the person’s PIN number.

ATM Security Features

As an ATM owner or operator, you can monitor your machine to make sure skimmers do not attack your ATM. Keep your ATM in a well-trafficked and well-lit area where it’s harder for criminals to install skimmers unnoticed. Periodically check the machine for tampering, does anything on the machine or the screen look different or off? Do the screen graphics and the ATM light-up features look different? Is there enough space between the card reader and the arrows below it? Card skimmers installed on top of the regular card reader often leave little space between the arrows and the card reader. Also, check the ATM for loose parts as this may indicate that the machine has been tampered with. Be particularly vigilant about your ATM’s security on the weekend; ATM use is higher on the weekend and skimmers often install skimming devices during the weekend when customers can’t report problems to their bank. Protect your ATM by staying watchful and regularly checking it for tampering.

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