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Security at your Business’s ATM

ATM4Businesses with ATMs offer their customers a useful service; customers can easily access cash for purchases at the store and the presence of an ATM attracts new visitors to the business. Although such a conveniently-located ATM can increase customer satisfaction, problems with the ATM and security issues undermine the usefulness of the ATM and can reflect badly on your business.  Business owners with ATMs at their establishment need to be conscientious about ATM security and minimize the likelihood of ATM errors.

How to Maintain ATM Machine:

  • ATM Security

For security purposes, you should limit the amount of money placed in your business’s ATM during evening hours and when your business is closed. Keep the area around the ATM well-lit and frequently check the machine for unfamiliar or suspicious-looking devices. Card skimming is the most common form of ATM fraud and criminals use internal or external card reading devices to steal cardholder information. Criminals can install an external card skimmer over the card reader slot to take ATM users’ account information and ATM owners should inspect the machine for such devices.

  • ATM Errors

Make sure your business’s ATM is well-stocked with receipt paper. If the ATM makes a mistake on the transaction, the ATM user needs to have a receipt showing evidence of the transaction. Keep the machine stocked with enough cash for the day’s transactions and make sure the bill dispenser is working properly so that cash is dispensed properly. ATM owners should also periodically check if the card reader is clean and unobstructed in order to minimize the possibility of card-reading errors.

ATM Machine Security

For more help with maintaining the ATM at your business, look to America’s ATM, a company that offers financial service kiosks, marketing products, and ATMs to merchants in the United States. America’s ATM understands the challenges business owners face and can help them decide on an ATM program that best fits their business’s needs. America’s ATM offers business owners three different ATM programs to choose from: the Free ATM Placement Program, the Free ATM Partner Program, and the ATM Processing Program. America’s ATM offers businesses flexible options and excellent customer service; learn more about the programs and services at America’s ATM by visiting the website, http://americanatm.com/, or by calling toll free at 877-475-1104.


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