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Small Independent Businesses


Ways to Improve Cash Flow in a Business

A small business is defined as an independent business employing fewer than 500 people. Small, independent businesses make up an important part of the American economy; as of 2010, 27.9 million small, independent businesses operated in the United States. These small independent businesses generated 67 percent of the net new jobs created between 2009 and 2011, surpassing larger businesses. In addition to creating jobs, small independent businesses generate more wealth and jobs in the local economy. According to the private research firm, Civic Economics, up to 48 percent of a purchase at a local independent business is eventually re-circulated back into the local economy, versus less than 14 percent of a purchase at a franchise establishment.

Although independent businesses are vital to the health of the economy, small independent businesses work with limited resources. Striving to compete in the market means that independent businesses need to search for new opportunities to save money, generate revenue, and expand. Independent businesses can install an ATM to increase store revenue. An ATM attracts more potential customers in your business and encourages existing customers to spend more at your business. Businesses with ATMs increase sales by an estimated 8 percent, and money accumulated from the ATM usage fee also contributes to overall revenue.

Optimize Cash Flow

Business owners can partner with America’s ATM, a recognized provider in ATM space, to place a machine at their business. America’s ATM offers merchants a large variety of programs and opportunities to earn revenue and optimize cash flow. Businesses can choose from several different ATM options, including the Free ATM Placement Program, the Free ATM Partner Program, and the ATM Processing Program to find something that works best for your business’s needs. America’s ATM will give your business a free ATM through the Free ATM Placement Program, or the Free ATM Partner Program. Businesses partnering with America’s ATM can receive a range of services designed to boost their business; such as marketing and advertising products, and financial service kiosks. The team at America’s ATM has experience in financial services, small business marketing, as well as over twenty years of experience in the retail industry.

Visit http://americanatm.com/ to learn more about America’s ATM and the programs offered to merchants. Submit a contact form at http://americanatm.com/contact-us/ or call 877-475-1104 for more information.




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