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ATM Solutions of South Florida: Stress-Free

For small business owners, running a business is the most significant source of stress. According to Bank of America’s Small zen rocks2Business Owner Report, running a business is two times as stressful as maintaining a relationship with a partner, and three times as stressful as raising kids. About eighty-five percent of small business owners work more than forty hours a week and an alarming fifty-five percent averaged over fifty hours a week. Fifty-seven percent of business owners stated that they routinely sacrifice personal time to maintain their business, a practice that exacerbates stress. Finding ways to reduce the stresses of owning a business is important in order to avoid burnout and maintain a successful business.

Business owners searching for stress-free methods to grow their business should consider installing an ATM. ATMs draw in more potential customers and increase store sales by up to eight percent. The ATM fee machine users pay also contributes to your business’s overall revenue. Access to an ATM can increase customer spending; ATM users tend to spend twenty to twenty-five percent more money than those who do not use an ATM.

ATM Solutions Contact Details

Adding an ATM to your business is also simple and cost-effective, thanks to America’s ATM. America’s ATM is a leading provider in ATM space; providing and servicing ATMs, financial service kiosks, and marketing products to business owners across the country.  The team at America’s ATM supports business owners and has experience in the retail industry, financial services, and marketing for small businesses. Business owners have three different ATM programs to choose from: the Free ATM Placement Program, the Free ATM Partner Program, and the ATM Processing Program. America’s ATM provides businesses with a free ATM through the Free ATM Placement and Free ATM Partner programs. The team at America’s ATM can get your free ATM installed at your business and ready to use within three to five days. In the ATM Processing Program, business owners purchase their own machine while America’s ATM handles the ATM processing. Call America’s ATM at 877-475-1104 to speak to a representative, or contact America’s ATM via the website, to learn more.



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