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Summertime Travel and ATMs

summer-fun-listMemorial Day officially kicks off the summer travel season, and as one of the busiest travel weekends of the calendar year, the American Automobile Association (AAA) anticipates that over 37 million Americans will go out of town for Memorial Day weekend. The number reflects a 4.7% increase in Memorial Day weekend traffic over 2014 numbers; with gas prices at an all-time low and a stronger job market, Americans have more money to spend on getaway vacations in 2015. With more Americans vacationing, businesses have the opportunity to reach summer tourists in their area.

“How to Install ATM Machine in my Shop?”

Installing an ATM at your business is one way to attract these summer travelers into your establishment. Even with careful budgeting, travelers often need to access more cash during their trip for various expenses; lodging fees, restaurants, souvenirs, attraction tickets, and even auto repair. Tourists are usually unfamiliar with the area they visit, and an ATM will help your business stand out from other similar establishments in the vicinity and attract more foot traffic into your business. ATM users can become potential customers, particularly if they feel positive about your business because of the convenience of the ATM. ATM users tend to spend up to 25% more money than non-ATM users, and access to the machine can even increase your business’s sales. Even if ATM users do not make a purchase, the fee paid to use the machine (usually set between $2.00 and $5.00) contributes to your business’s overall revenue.

Installing ATM

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