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The Comfort of the Familiar

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The old adage says that familiarity breeds contempt; the things we know become routine, and instead, we crave novelty. Although novel experiences are thrilling, familiar things are what people prefer. Psychologists refer to this phenomena as the mere-repeated-exposure effect, or simply the mere exposure effect. Increased exposure to a person, object or experience increases a person’s preference for it. Familiar things become comfortable, and individuals perceive them as safer, more trustworthy, and more appealing. The mere exposure effect has huge implications for real-life situations; for example, people consider known locations as safer than unfamiliar areas or develop a taste for a certain food the more they encounter it. Consumers will often develop a favorable impression of a product or service by repeated exposure through ads, word-of-mouth, or proximity – even without having used the product.

ATMs are one of the most familiar parts of the consumer experience. Over three million ATMs are in use throughout the world, and between 425,000 and 450,000 machines are in operation in the United States. The average American consumer visits an ATM more than 7 times each month, and each ATM has an average of 800 transactions per month. Most people rely on ATMs to handle essential banking functions and the ubiquity of ATMs have not only made them familiar and comfortable but also an expected part of a consumer’s experience. Installing an ATM at your business provides customers with the desired service, while also increasing your sales revenue. Stores with ATMs experience a 20 percent average increase in sales. Individual ATM-users spend 23 percent more money than non-ATM users, and customers withdrawing money from a store ATM often use the money immediately at the business.

Finding an ATM for your Business

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