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Which ATM Program is Right for Your Business?

ATM Program

Under this program, which is offered for free by some vendors, you’ll get an ATM installed into your business. You’ll still earn monthly revenue off of the machine, but you won’t have to deal with the hassles and expenses associated with outright ownership. This ATM program is to consider if you want to have a cash machine but don’t have the time or money available to handle maintenance, upkeep and repair on your own.

ATM Partner

In a partner program, you’ll usually earn more than you would in a placement program, but you’re the one responsible for the machine’s cash loading. You may be able to enjoy this option for free depending on the vendor, and you won’t be responsible for maintenance, programming or installation. Consider this route if you’re comfortable loading the money into the machine and you have the time to do so, as you must be able to keep up with it so your customers won’t be greeted by an empty machine.

ATM Processing

You’ll generally earn the most on an ATM processing program, but there is a higher upfront cost and more responsibilities on your end. In this type of program, you actually buy the machine from a vendor, and you’re responsible for things like loading cash, repair and maintenance. Your vendor handles the processing in this setup, so make sure you go with a company that offers cost-effective processing should you decide the processing program is right for your business.

What to Look for in a Vendor

No matter which ATM program you chose, you want to have a vendor that is reliable and available in case you need some help. Research vendors to find out what type of warranties and support they offer for their machines and services. Make sure you understand exactly how their programs work, including fees and share percentages. Look up reviews on the companies you’re considering as they can help you make a final decision you’ll be happy with. Customer comments that mention poor service, problematic machines and other issues tell you who to avoid, while rave reviews from satisfied clients indicate you’ve found a provider you should seriously consider.

Getting into an ATM Program can provide your business with another revenue stream and keep your customers happy. If you don’t have an ATM Machine in your business, now’s the time to take the plunge and enjoy all the associated benefits.