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Important Reasons Why You Should Get a Halo ATM Machine

HALO ATM Machine – Increases Your Revenue

Having a HALO ATM Machine in your business is more than just a convenience. Since the owner of the business sets the transaction fee, the business gets some of that revenue. Another way an ATM increases your revenue is that the customer will find it convenient. For instance, if your business does not accept checks or credit cards, the customer can get cash right there without having to leave—and usually to not return. You also can save money by not accepting credit cards, which take a fee out for every transaction. Since most people have a debit card, they can use their money right in your establishment and you reap the benefits. Studies show that sales are increased by up to 25 percent for those businesses that offer an ATM service, so it’s a win-win situation.

Business and Customer Convenience

As stated above, having an ATM in your business makes it convenient for you and the customer. Customers no longer have to leave to bring back cash to use your services and you get to retain those customers. Even if they are not a customer of yours, you still attract people who will use the service. For instance, if you have a gift shop or diner and do not take credit cards, the customer may still come in to use the ATM to get cash for whatever reason they need it for or will get cash to use in your establishment. It is much more convenient than having to tell a potential customer that you only take cash and they have to leave to get cash and don’t came back.

It Shows Professionalism

Let’s face it, those businesses that only take cash but offer no way of getting it do not seem as professional as those that offer an ATM. You are more likely to retain the customer in this case because no one likes to go somewhere and find out they only take cash without offering ATM services. Most people will simply leave and not return, as the experience usually leaves them frustrated.