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Why You Should Install an ATM in Your Bar

Atm in Florida Bar

Because the Miami and Palm Beach areas are so flush with bars, you probably see a pretty good amount of foot traffic from both locals and tourists. When you have an ATM in your establishment, you increase your profits as well as being able to take advantage of a wide range of other benefits. If you’re a Florida bar owner, it’s time to have an ATM installation company show you the benefits you will receive from having your own ATM.

Increase in Customer Spending

A customer who has access to an ATM is more likely to spend more money in your bar. When they run out of cash, a simple walk to the ATM means being able to keep enjoying the atmosphere your bar has to offer and ensures that the customer keeps buying food and drinks, which increases your profit while also allowing you to make income from the ATM.

Increase Revenue

Experts estimate bars that have an ATM installed are able to increase their total revenue by about 8 percent. Some bars even make more once they have an ATM. This amount will vary, but you can generate additional revenue by buying or leasing an ATM for your bar.

Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

Each time you run a customer’s credit card, you pay a surcharge or processing fee. If you have an ATM so your customers can pay in cash, you eliminate a good majority of these fees, which ultimately means more money in your bank account. When a customer hasn’t spent enough to be allowed to pay with a credit card, he or she can get the cash from the ATM.

In short, having an ATM in Florida bar is an easy way to make extra revenue and keep customers happy. Learn more about ATM installation agreement for your bar by visiting America’s ATM online at https://americanatm.com/contact-us/ or giving us a call at 877-475-1104.